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Angela Black, Spirit Healer & Psychic Medium


Hi I'm Angela Black, Welcome To My Website!


I am an All Sensory Spirit Healer.  My natural ability as a Psychic Medium has led me on a journey of not only learning many different healing modalities but combining them to create a unique way of HEALING THE SPIRIT.  My mission is to help those seeking comfort, closure and the release of suffering due to the loss of a loved one, or any unhealed wound caused by trauma to the body, mind or spirit.


At the age of 5, I began to understand that I had been born with a unique ability.  My Native American grandmother would call it my gift of "Listening". Since then it has led me on a journey of receiving and releasing messages from the spirit energy of our loved ones for over 45 years. My ability also allows me the blessing of communicating with our beloved pets both living and in heaven. Yes! Their unique language and the vivid detail in which they communicate is both Comforting and Awe Inspiring!

Every session is unique, and only with permission will I present my abilities and modalities to be used along the path of your healing.

We will embark on this journey together and safely dance between the worlds of the living and ascended with peace, hope and optimism.. 


I understand that missing our loved ones can cause very deep emotional wounds, leaving us feeling spiritually empty or numb.

In my heart I truly believe that we are all entitled to the gentle ease and peaceful settling one receives in knowing that All Is Well.

Only then can we embrace forgiveness, and the true meaning of closure.     


Clarity and Peace can only begin the moment our heart accepts the truth. "Love continues beyond a lifetime, and those whom we miss will speak to us the moment we listen with Love."  



Areas covered include:

Spiritual Mediumship Reconnection with Loved Ones.


Past Life Reunion and Clearing of All Unneeded Energy Attachments.

As a Registered Minister I will channel and create an original wedding script. Premarital sessions also available.



Chakra Balancing Allows growth In All aspects of Spiritual Regeneration and the Healing Process of the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body.

Guided, Music & Movement Meditation is very beneficial in inspiring a cohesive flow between our natural & acquired extra sensory and Intuitive abilities. 



Usui Reiki Master/ Ryoho Teacher and Facilitator Guide of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Creator and Host of Modality Workshops and a Guest Speaker.

Sessions may be done In Person, Over the Phone or Zoom.  Please feel free to Contact Me regarding any personal queries

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