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Angela Black, Spirit Healer & Psychic Medium


Welcome To My Website!


I am a Psychic Medium, Energy Modalities Healer, Spirit and Wisdom Card Reader, a Reiki Master/Teacher, an E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Wedding Officiant and a well practiced Meditation Guide.  


At the age of 5, I began my journey understanding that I had been blessed with a very unique ability to receive and deliver messages from the spirit energy of our loved ones living, newly or long since passed. This blessing has given me the opportunity to speak with spirit and interpret messages received for more than 45 years! My gift has also given me the ability to speak with our beloved pets, both living and ascended. Yes! I can hear and speak with the spirit of our animals and they communicate in vivid detail!.

Each session is unique, as are we, so I use a variety of healing modalities to support us on our communicative journey as we dance between the worlds of the living and ascended.. 


Missing our loved ones can cause very deep emotional wounds, I truly believe in my heart that we are all entitled to the gentle settling and peace of mind that only true closure can bring.     


Clarity and Peace begins in the knowing that our loved ones can truly hear us, see us and will continue to love us far beyond this lifetime!   

"Those whom we miss speak to our hearts, the moment we listen with Love."  ~Angela Black


Areas covered include:

Spiritual Mediumship Reconnection with Self and Loved Ones


Past Life Reunion and Clearing of Unneeded Energy Attachments

Registered Minister able to perform weddings..



Chakra Balancing allows personal growth In All aspects of the Regeneration and Healing Process of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Body..

Meditation Guidance Beneficial In Development of Natural Intuition and Extra Sensory Perception 




Reiki Master Teacher, Facilitator and Emotional Freedom Technique Guide

Teacher/Facilitator of Modality Workshops and Guest Speaker

Sessions may be done In Person, Over the Phone or Zoom.  Please feel free to Contact Me regarding any personal queries

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